Our sheep

We have 280 sheep during winter months. In summer they triple that number when the lambs are with us. All our sheep are polled, except one which has four horns. All our sheep have names and number for book keeping.

Our goal is to have sheep tha give good and healthy lambs, but also that they are calm,- without being pushy, good mothers, healthy, milk enough for their lambs, and their wool is of good quality in pure colors.

As many as the sheep are their personality differs between them. Some of them becoming more favorites than some of the others.

The ram Dregill is one of those spoiled ones. He has now passed away. But when he was alive he loved to be cuddled, scratched and talked to. Not worse if he could get a handfull of barley now and then. But never did he put his head in us to ask for more patting, always kind and gentle. His daughters are many the same way. Continue…