Framtíð (Future)

Framtíð (Future) painting by Hulda Brynjólfsdóttir

When me and my husband took over the farm in 2010, there was one sheep with two beautiful daughters that I decided to keep on for further breeding. This sheep had the number 7002, born in 2007. She did not have a name, nor did any other sheep. I think every sheep needs to have a name so I sat down and found name for all of them – then being 56 in total.

Since this sheep had such beautiful daugthers I thought she deserved the name Framtíð which means Future. Her daughters I named Sól (Sun) and Fiðla (Fiddle).

This sheep was actually magnificent. She always had two or three big lambs, and every year I kept one or more of them for further breeding.

One of her sons had another son that got an award last fall for being a good father.

Her daughters are also very good and for example has Sól now 8 daughters alive and is still alive herself, becoming 8 years old and pregnant with three lambs.

Today most of our sheep are one way or another related to Framtíð.

I never got to take a picture of Framtíð, so when she died I decided to paint a picture of her on the barn‘s wall. Both for memory and to remind the other sheep of their ancestor and how a good sheep is supposed to be. No pressure. 😊 Continue…