These ladies are 6 months old when the picture is taken.

The one on the left was very wild. When she felt threatened, she jumped up on the other sheep backs and ran on top of them. Sadly she only lived one year. Her name was Hnáta (little girl)

The grey one at the right had two pelt lambs her first year and they came curly and beautiful from the mountain. Her name is Gná

The one in the middle is the Queen. A pretty picture of her was put on a post-card and funny enough she got to be a great representative of our farm and company. She is all we want in a sheep. Calm, good mother, milks a lot and takes good care of her offspring. In the barn she has this dignity about her that makes you admire her personality. Her name is Snerpa. Snerpa belongs to my younger daughter who seems to have had many sheep with great characters. Continue …