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Handknitted sweaters from 100% Icelandic wool

The Icelandic Landsmót Hestamanna will be held  in Hella in the summer 2020. That is very close to my shop. We decided to have few sweaters that are related to horses handknitted for that occasion. They will be for sale in our small shop along with all the gorgeous yarn we make. A sweater can be bought at our shop or ordered with email – It is also possible to order a sweater you dream for, with the colors and pattern you love. We took a few pictures to show you the outcome.

Handmade Sweaters

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Rare and beautiful things in our shop

Rare and beautiful things in our shop

Few of our other-than-yarn products. Many rare things can be found at our shop. 😊

The Mini Mill and our yarn

We are proud to be the very first Mini Mill in Iceland. We have twelve different machines to fully process an extraordinary soft yarn from our own sheep and our neighbors. The yarn is 100% Icelandic in the natural colors of the sheep. It comes in different weight that fits different knitting projects. Other colors like blue or yellow, we either get by dyeing with plants or dyeing powder.

Hulduband is named after the hidden woman which Icelander sometimes believe is around them and lives inside the big rocks along with the other elves. It is spun from our own sheep wool as well as our neighbor sheep‘s wool. Read more…

Dvergaband is spun from our sheep and our neighbors and we choose the wool carefully. This yarn is 3ply and 100 gram is 100 meter.  Read more…

Dís „The Fairy“ is the finest of it as is the ElvesFairy herself. Dís is delicately spun, always from lambswool only. It is fingering weight close or laces weight whereas 100 gram is about 440-480 meters. Read more…

Tröllaband or trollband is named after the trolls we have in the mountains in Iceland. It is core-spun as it is called, then the wool is spun around a thread. Read more…

We decided to make sock yarn that would be strong and last long but yet be soft, warm and only Icelandic wool. Read more…

Our roving is considered very nice to use for handspinning. Read more…

Our yarn-shop

Housed in our beautiful cozy loft space are unique gifts and Icelandic items handmade by local craftsmen, as well as a large selection of our Uppspuni yarn and spinning fiber.
We welcome you to visit our shop during regular opening hours.

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