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For your pet

One of our goal is to fully use every fleece. The carder leaves out fiber that is not usable for anything like yarn - so I sew pillows for pets, and stuff it with this wool.
Pet's just love these beds. Last Saturday a woman came and said it was useless to buy petbeds for her cat, it never lies on it. I asked if I could lend her one and she could return it if the cat didn't appreciate it...
It's Monday. - She is not going to return it.

2 thoughts on “For your pet

  1. Haley Hunewill

    Hello Hulda,
    I’m not sure how to get in touch with you, sorry to write on your blog. I met you in early May when my husband and Mom and I visited Iceland. You were very gracious and came into your shop early to show us your lovey mill and yarn. I ordered some yarn in single ply and a bit thicker than anything you currently had in stock at the time. I’m just checking in on that. Is it ready and how do I pay for it plus shipping? Also, I bought 3 of your dryer yarn balls and I just love them. They make my dryer much more efficient.
    Thank you so much, Haley Hunewill

    1. Hulda Brynjólfsdóttir

      Hi Haley.
      I just wrote you an email. Hope it reaches you.
      love Hulda

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