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The Waldorf doll, Álfbjörg the fairy, came to us yesterday. She is handmade by Brúðusmiðjan. Stuffed with wool from our sheep, the hair is locks from one of our black sheep (Hrefna) and the clothes are knitted with hulduband - as is her hair accessories.
Álfbjörg is going to spend her days at our loft, observing. 

Uppspuni got a nice visit from our national television and introduced our work in Uppspuni. I am wearing a sweater that I knitted from wool from my sheep called Kleopatra.

Lambing season starts soon. Next week we shall start preparing. Therefore I intend to change our opening hours.
From April 1st until May 18th we will be open Thursday's, Friday's and Saturday's from 13:00 to 16:00. It is possible to visit us during other hours, but then you must call ahead to schedule appointment.

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