About us

Hulda Brynjólfsdóttir and Tyrfingur Sveinsson are the proud owners of Uppspuni Mini mill.

Tyrfingur og Hulda í réttum.

We are farmers in South of Iceland. We farm with sheep and beef cattle.
In winter we have 280 sheep which double their number in the spring, when the lambs come.

They graze in our pastures in May and June, and then they are brought to the mountains for summer-grazing.

In beginning of September we bring them back to our pastures, where they graze until November. Herding – Réttir

In the beginning of November, we house them and have them shorn. Shearing them the very same day as they come inside gives us luxurious, clean and wonderful wool which we make our yarn from. To be found in our shop.

The cattle cows are 25. They have their calves in May and June. The cows are outside all year round, strong and healthy. They have access to shelter which they only use when the snow storm is wet and icy but stay out even though the temperature is -12 °C. In summer they graze in the pastures, but they need additional feed in hay, from the beginning of September until end of May. In November we take the calves inside, giving their mothers free time from milking and the calves get hay and barley we grow on our farm.
We have not spun from the cattle hair, but it would be exciting to try it sometime.

Uppspuni Mini mill is located at Lækjartúni, 851 Hellu. We welcome guests and you can also buy our merchandise there or email me: huldauppspuni@gmail.com. We turned on the machines in july 2017.