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I send everyone my best and if I could I would want to send extra strength to our people working in the health care. Every day they do miraculous work. But never as in this strange situation we are facing today.
Stay safe and show each other love and support. ❤

My dear friend and employee Björg is the mother of Daði Freyr who just won our Icelandic song contest. He is going to Rotterdam to sing his famous song "Think about things" in the Eurovision song contest. We decided to make yarn in the color of Daði's sweater and I knitted those "Gagnamagns" socks 🙂 Always fun at work 🙂

I wanted to give you a glimpse into our sheep-barn, the source of all the gorgeous yarn we can make. I am happy to be able to enjoy their company as well as enjoying and working with the wool they provide.
Thank you sweet sheep. 😊😍🐑🐏

Hulduband dyed as the Aurora Borealis. 😊 Now I am on an introduction tour in the North and the first day was a success. So happy with all the lovely visitors. Maybe I will be lucky and see Aurora Borealis at my stay here.


The link to the youtube program shows an interview with me and a visit to my mill last September with Kristy Glass. She is from the US and makes regular programs about knitting and features them on Instagram and youtube. Visiting Iceland, last fall (2019), she came to me and went to réttir and has made program about both. 🙂

United women are always the strongest. We are now starting a new partnership in

The rather interesting route can be taken when traveling around South Iceland and intertwine it with the Golden Circle that almost everyone goes when visiting Iceland.
I am rather excited about this, I must say. 

New sock yarn is getting ready. Finer than dvergasokkar (our thick sock yarn) and are going to be named huldusokkar since it is close to hulduband's weight. We've got three colours and three different labels... Now we "just" have to choose the best one and do some packaging.

I want to show you two astonishing craftwork that I now have.

First a long shawl woven with my single yarn for dís, spun a bit high in one way for the warp and the other way for the weafth. Guðrún Kolbeins Jónsdóttir, a textile teacher and an expert weaver made this gorgeous soft and delightful garment.

And second is a blue HARUNI shawl knitted by Jórunn Eggertsdóttir, my mother-in-law, who is an artist in anything that concerns fine knitting crochetting, sewing etc etc. The yarn she used is dís, specially dyed for the project.

To me, both of these are unique and therefore priceless and above everything else a nourishment for the eye and soal.

Long live art, wool and those who practice it. 😊

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