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We have now taken our sheep to the mountains for the summer. They will stay there until the beginning of September when we get them home again.

Every year there is a festival in the woods near Reykjavík. Uppspuni attends it and we dye our unique yarn over an open fire. Good time spent with nice people in the Icelandic summer sun.

Chervil to the left, lupine flower in the middle and birch leaves to the right.


The last couple of weeks I have been to knit festivals introducing my products. I have also been at a seminar where I learned to make felted slippers. It was all so great. In the meantime, my machines keep on making beautiful soft wool yarn for my local farmers and my self because the yarn keeps on selling 🙂

Knit festival at Blönduós.
Felted slippers.

The Waldorf doll, Álfbjörg the fairy, came to us yesterday. She is handmade by Brúðusmiðjan. Stuffed with wool from our sheep, the hair is locks from one of our black sheep (Hrefna) and the clothes are knitted with hulduband - as is her hair accessories.
Álfbjörg is going to spend her days at our loft, observing. 

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