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New sock yarn is getting ready. Finer than dvergasokkar (our thick sock yarn) and are going to be named huldusokkar since it is close to hulduband's weight. We've got three colours and three different labels... Now we "just" have to choose the best one and do some packaging.

I want to show you two astonishing craftwork that I now have.

First a long shawl woven with my single yarn for dís, spun a bit high in one way for the warp and the other way for the weafth. Guðrún Kolbeins Jónsdóttir, a textile teacher and an expert weaver made this gorgeous soft and delightful garment.

And second is a blue HARUNI shawl knitted by Jórunn Eggertsdóttir, my mother-in-law, who is an artist in anything that concerns fine knitting crochetting, sewing etc etc. The yarn she used is dís, specially dyed for the project.

To me, both of these are unique and therefore priceless and above everything else a nourishment for the eye and soal.

Long live art, wool and those who practice it. 😊

I got a very pleasant visit today. 🥰Stephen West and Kristy Glass just stopped by to get some yarn.

Few of us got a tiny bit star-struck. 🤩🤭


Dís in autumn colors

The colourful autumn is coming closer. We are going to have dís in some new colours this winter along with the natural colours. Here you can see a small glimpse of our experiments. A bit autumny don’t you think? 🥰

The shelves are stacked with new colours and freshly spun yarn. Dís (fingering) is now available in few variations. Sure is fun to do something nice from that one. 😊

Tröllaband a fun yarn to experiment with

The tröllaband (trollyarn) is fun to make and fun to knit from. Can be used for many different things. 🥰


Baby swaeater made of dís

The new colour of dís turns out nicely in a baby sweater. Gorgeously soft. Want one that fits me. 🤭


Next Sunday a local market takes place in my neighborhood. Hand-crafters offer their goods for sale and good causes can be supported. To make the enjoyable trip to this beautiful area even more pleasant, my small shop will also be open that day. 😊



A "YarnWalk" is scheduled in Reykjavík next Saturday. This pattern for a hat was put on their Facebook site. I made one from Hulduband. I also knitted a shawl from Dís (the fairy yarn) and I like to call it bumblebee 🙂

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