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Hulduband – info

Spun from our own sheep

Hulduband is named after the hidden woman which Icelander sometimes believe is around them and lives inside the big rocks along with the other elves. It is spun from our own sheep wool as well as our neighbor sheep‘s wool. The natural colours are as the sheep provide every time and it is not completely guaranteed to get the same shade of colour from different spinning sessions. It can differ between sheep, between years and between ages of the sheep. The same sheep is not even guaranteed to provide exactly the same shade between years. So it is always wise to buy a little extra, to begin with, when planning to knit a garment.

Natural colours and dyed by plants

When the yarn has been spun, we aim to have 100 meters in each 50 gram of skein. Both the wool and the machines can sometimes decide differently, but it is never a big difference between lots, so it is safe to knit a garment from hulduband, even though some skeins can vary in weight. We sell our skeins by weight and you should be able to find our pricelist here on the page. Most of our skeins go straight to the shelves in our shop but, sometimes we long for other colours and then we decide to dye them. Mostly in blue, yellow, green or red. Sometimes we dye white yarn and sometimes we dye grey yarn, which gives a different effect on the colour, but can work beautifully together in a pattern. We use plants in our environment to dye from in summer, and in winter we use powder dyes to brighten our days.

Heavenly soft yarn

It gives the best result to knit hulduband with needle-size 3,5 to 4,5 mm, but of course, it always depends on each knitter. We know people who have knitted a sweater from hulduband on needle size 5,0 and it looked splendid. The garment was then lighter and had more air in it. Hulduband is exceptionally suitable for sweaters. They are warm, soft and cozy both outside and inside. It is also used to knit stockings, hats, and mittens, and some have used it for knitting a shawl. It is durable and heavenly soft.

Pure wool

Hulduband does not ‘‘itch“ as much as Icelandic wool usually does, and sometimes nearly nothing. As they say about pure wool, it tends to pill a bit. So with usage, it felts a tiny bit and adjusts to the one who wears it. Sometimes it pills, but it can easily be pulled out and in a while, it stops pilling.

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