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Introducing – dís

We use lambswool for Dís

All our yarn has the name of elves and hidden people. Dís „The Fairy“ is the finest of it as is the ElvesFairy herself. Dís is delicately spun, always from lambswool only. It is fingering weight or laces weight whereas 100 gram is about 440-480 meters. It can differ a bit between fleeces. We use lambswool for this product to get it as soft and fine as we can.

The thread is very fine

Dís is two-ply yarn and the thread is very fine. It suits exceptionally well for shawl-knitting but is also ideal for finer clothing, such as mittens, hats or baby clothes.

Usually, the needle-size required is 1,5 to 2,5 mm, but when knitting shawl, needle-size 4,5 gives an airy sense of floating garment.

Yarn dyed only with plants

Dís is in the natural colours of each lamb, but when dyed, we have only used plants, whereas the lupine gives a lemon yellow, very bright colour and the birch leave gives a deeper yellow and when in grey yarn it looks as if it is green.

Despite its fine thread, dís is strong and it is remarkably fun to knit with. The hands glide through the soft fiber and the fingers are soft from the lanolin still in the yarn after the delicate handling of our small machines. You won‘t regret knitting from dís.

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