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Introducing – Tröllaband

Trollband is a bit like dreadlocks

Tröllaband or trollband is named after the trolls we have in the mountains in Iceland. It is core-spun as it is called, then the wool is spun around a thread. The thread we use is our single from other yarns we have spun before. So this is also 100% Icelandic wool, made completely at our mill. Tröllaband is a bit like dreadlocks and we usually make 60 meters long balls that weigh from 250 to 450 gram each.

We use tog for tröllaband

One such ball should be enough for a pillow – sometimes two or it is enough for a basket, sometimes two also. People have used it for making a blanket, but then more than one ball is needed. We use mainly tog for tröllaband. Tog is the longer hairs of the Icelandic fleece, but Icelandic sheep have two kinds of hair in their wool. Tog is the water-resistant material and the thel is closer to skin, keeping the sheep warm. Some of the thel is mixed with the tog in tröllaband, but it is more of the tog.

Troll-needles for trollband

Tyrfingur‘s father Sveinn has made round knitting needles for the tröllaband, which we call trollneedles. They are from 10 mm up to 25 mm and are very comfortable to knit with. When knitting the yarn it is easy to do with just the fingers or hands.

Various colours and Marble effect

When we make tröllaband we are usually using fiber that is overflowing from other machines. So it is very different in colour. Therefore the colours in each ball are fading from grey to white and black, back and forth. Sometimes we add brown. Sometimes we make single colours, and then we have the magic yarn Tyrfingur came up with one day that has a Marble effect to it, and when it has been knitted it looks a lot like the stones the trolls are said to have changed to here in Iceland when the sun found them early in the morning.

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