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Introduction – dvergaband

Dvergaband the name of the dwarf

Our dvergaband has the name of the dwarf who lives in the smaller stones and hills. They are sometimes known to be short and chubby, but always with a smiley face, warm and cheerful. That is also the case with dvergaband. A little chubby but very warm. Those who wear it must, therefore, be cheerful as the dwarfs are.
Dvergaband is spun from our sheep and our neighbors and we choose the wool carefully.

Dvergaband is 3ply yarn, soft and warm

This yarn is 3ply and 100 gram is 100 meter. Therefore it‘s rather thick. It is remarkably suitable for sweaters one wants to wear in cold places, like when going to the mountains or skiing. They are warm, soft and tightly spun, but can also weigh a bit. That‘s how a sweater in Large may weigh about 800 gram when knitted on needle size 5 – 6 mm. Of course, it can be knitted lighter by using bigger needles.
If someone wants a warm hat, dvergaband is very suitable for that.

From dvergaband we got a very strong yarn named dvergasokkar

As a side product, we have designed a yarn in the same thickness which we call dvergasokkar (dwarfsocks) It is meant for socks as the name indicates. The wool we use for dvergasokkar does not go through the fiber separator, so it has to be clean when we start processing it. The fiber separator does not only take away the tog but also grass and seeds, so the wool must be without that. Dvergasokkar is much stronger than we have experienced and last longer than many other kinds of socks. The yarn can hardly be broken by hands, so good scissors are needed when knitting. We don‘t add any plastic to our dvergasokkar. It‘s only pure Icelandic wool, and yet so strong.
People have crocheted a blanket by dvergaband. It came out rather heavy but looked beautiful. It is actually ideal for a bed throw or to put on the end of bed‘s or sofa‘s where you put up your feet with shoes on.

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