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Introduction – roving

Hulda spann og hjartað brann …


Our roving is considered very nice to use for handspinning

We use only 100% Icelandic wool. We choose it carefully, considering the colour, cleansity, and softness when doing so. We used to make them 120 – 150 gram per 20 meters, but have now started to make them thinner, because we have heard people like them better that way. They just glide through your fingers on to the bobbin and you hardly have to think while spinning them, only enjoy the relaxing feeling of making your own yarn with the spinning wheel.

We have made few kinds of roving

Usually, they are one colour, the way the sheep provides. But we sometimes put our touch on them. We make them double colour, so that there is more movement in the yarn or it can change or blend while spinning. We have also made them fade between colours and appear again. Usually from grey to black, but also sometimes brownish. And we have tried to dye them and have a limited amount of dyed roving in brighter colours for pattern. We have also plaited the roving which is easy to spin from.

The roving is ideal for felting

The roving is not only suitable for spinning. It is also ideal for felting. Both wet felting as well as needle felting. It is good for making pictures or animals and dolls. Actually, it is our own imagination that finds the roving usable tasks and it is very good for experimenting. I have for example successfully tried to knit straight from the roving.

We put 200 gram of roving into bags for sale, but of course, it is possible to buy less. You will find our price list here.

Wet Felting

Artwork and a handbag

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