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Our yarn is from our sheep and made in our mill so you get 100% Local Icelandic yarn in our shop. We produce four types of yarn in our Mini mill. Hulduband is 2 ply, 200 meters/100 grams. Dvergaband is 3 ply, 100 meters/100 grams. Dís (Fairy) is 2 ply, 400 meters/100 grams. Tröllaband (Trollband) is very rough yarn, 45 meters weigh about 445 grams. In our shop you will also find another wool products like f.ex. pillow for your pet. The yarn is 100% Icelandic wool in natural colors of the sheep. Other colors like blue or yellow, we either get by dyeing with plants or dyeing powder.
Please send an e-mail for more information: huldauppspuni@gmail.com We ship everywhere.

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