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Product info

Here you can find information about our products f.ex. about our soft 100% Icelandic yarn and interesting products, we make from our wool. Click on the picture to get more information.


hulduband english
Hulduband is named after the hidden woman which Icelander sometimes believe is around them and lives inside the big rocks along with the other elves. It is spun from our own sheep wool as well as our neighbor sheep‘s wool.

Dís – Fairy

Dís „The Fairy“ is the finest of it as is the ElvesFairy herself. Dís is delicatly spun, always from lambs wool only. It is fingering weight close or lace weight where as 100 gram are about 440-480 meters.


Tröllaband or trollband is named after the trolls we have in the mountains in Iceland. It is core-spun as it is called, then the wool is spun around a thread.


When dyeing with plants, a mordant is needed to fasten the colour in the wool. Alun is the most common mordant to use when plant-dyeing.


We use only 100% Icelandic wool. We choose it carefully, considering the colour, cleansity and softness when doing so.

Other products

At our wool shop you can find, besides our beautiful yarn, other products like buttons made from fish skin horns or bones, handmade soap, and artistic items.


Dvergaband is spun from our sheep and our neighbors and we choose the wool carefully. This yarn is 3ply and 100 gram is 100 meter.
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