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Products from our wool

At our wool shop, you can find beside our beautiful yarn, other products that connect with sheep or can be used with the wool, like buttons made from fish skin horns or bones, handmade soap, and artistic items. All the products are made in Iceland and most of them by artists and/or handcrafters in the neighborhood.

The soap is all natural, handmade by Ingibjörg Sveinsdóttir. We felt some wool around it and they are very good to scrub the body and even the face. Give good foam. Dryer-balls are energy saving and environmentally friendly. Put 1 - 3 in the dryer with your laundry and it gives softer clothes and saves the time of drying. When washing pillows or fluffy coats of down, they are helpful to bang the air back in after washing.

We also sell products made from our yarn. Please contact us if you want to order or for more information at

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