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Our sock yarn

Socks with good endurance

Nothing beats having a decent wool socks. You can use them on various occasions. They are warm, cosy and never out of fashion. But it is also good to have them with good endurance so you don‘t have to make new ones all the time or mend the holes they get when used a lot.

Only Icelandic wool

Therefore we decided to make sock yarn that would be strong and last long but yet be soft, warm and only Icelandic wool. No added plastic, such as nylon or similar materials.

The Icelandic wool is a bit special with it‘s long strands of tog, that is so very strong.

Strong yarn

When we spin our sock yarn, we collect wool with the longest of tog threads and make sure it is strong. We do not use the fiber separator which usually takes some of the coarser hair away. We want all the tog to be in our sock yarn. It‘s length and the way we spin it makes the yarn so strong, you can‘t break it with your hands, without feeling pain in your fingers, so scissors are a necessity when knitting with our sock yarn.

Dvergasokkar and huldusokkar

Dvergasokkar is the same weight as dvergaband, hence the name being similar. You will get REAL sock‘s when knitting with dvergasokkar, thick, warm, soft and long lasting. 100 meters are 100 gram. The other one is huldusokkar in the same weight as hulduband. A friend said, „you must be able to sneak around in the hidden woman socks, the name just says so!“ with a misterious smile on her face. I don‘t know about that, but I really like the socks from huldusokkar. It is finer than dvergasokkar, but yet strong and warm. 100 meters give you 50 gram of yarn.


Both of these yarn are 3ply, with all the tog of the wool we use, soft, strong and once you have tried them. You don‘t want to take them off.

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