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Handknitted sweaters – 100% Icelandic wool

The Icelandic Landsmót Hestamanna will be held in Hella this summer 2020. That is very close to my shop. We decided to have few sweaters made that are related to horses in some way for horse-lovers to buy when they came to enjoy the feast that always takes place on these tournaments. We still hope it will take place and are looking forward to showing the homemade products we have for sale in our small shop along with all the gorgeous yarn we make.

These sweaters are knitted by hand by people who put love and dedication in their work with the yarn we make at our mill. A sweater can be bought at our shop or ordered by email via - It is also possible to order a sweater you dream for, with the colours and pattern you love. We would only need your size to be able to do so. So if you want a sweater, please send us an email, and we will have it made for you. We can ship worldwide as well as everywhere in Iceland.
We took a few pictures to show you the outcome.    Order sweater


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